[Asterisk-Dev] planning some chan_iax2.c changes

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Fri Jan 23 05:52:37 MST 2004

> mmh... If I'm not wrong iax.conf is now only for iax2.
> for simple iax, now asterisk search iax1.conf

Hmm I did not know this.  More undocumented goodness.  :-/  It also seems 
counter-intuitive, since the original IAX protocol is called IAX, not IAX1, 
and the new one is IAX2, not IAX.  

Hell, perhaps they should be iax1.conf and iax2.conf just to eliminate the 
source of confusion.

> for jitterbuffer... does it really works?
> never been able to say "yes". most of us keep
> jitterbuffer off in iax.conf since seems broken.

It seems to be nonexistent unless you execute "iax2 set jitter ###" in the 
CLI.  Since doing that I have had very few problems with jitter.  I have 
not had quite enough testing to absolutely confirm it though.


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