[Asterisk-Dev] Catching INVITE

Magnus Benngard magnus.benngard at port80.se
Fri Jan 23 00:42:45 MST 2004


Maybe I am totally wrong, maybe it is already solved, anyway...

I am looking for a way of "catching" some "INVITE's":

For example: INVITE sip:*21*0704539245 at port80.se.....

Above example is not a "call", it is an "instruction" that
I would like to divert the number I am calling from
to 0704539245.

I am planning/thinking of, instead of going through
"extensions.conf", I will use a MySQL table to "find" out
how to actually do the call.

So if I in some way can "catch" the above "INVITE", it will
be pretty easy to dig out the numbers and insert them
into the "new dialplan".

Maybe I am totaly wrong...


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