[Asterisk-Dev] iaxcomm asterisk config

Gary Ruddock garyruddock at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 21 14:49:41 MST 2004

I  downloaded the windows binary of IAXCOMM and ran it on my Linux box using 
WINE. I  couldn't get  any unix softphone to compile.

I have connected to the digium server so I know IAXCOMM is working.

I am now trying to connect to my work asterisk server from home via IAXCOMM 
but can't seem to do it. I have modified IAX.CONF and from the asterisk 
command line 'IAX SHOW USERS' returns my user as created.

I just can't seem to connect. Are there any firewall issues? I wanted to 
eventually have homeworkers answering calls from work via IAXCOMM. Any ideas 
on where I can find some documentation on this?


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