[Asterisk-Dev] planning some chan_iax2.c changes

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Wed Jan 21 07:40:57 MST 2004

I would like to add the following to chan_iax2.c but would like to know if 
_any_ changes are being accepted for it.  I'd rather not waste my time if 
nobody will even look at them.  :-)

Changes I'm looking at:
- make it look at iax2.conf instead of iax.conf (since iax is still around 
and it's confusing as hell trying to get iax and iax2 to have different 

- rename some variables to reduce confusion (maxjitterbuffer and 
max_jitter_buffer, anyone??!)

- change the jitterbuffer parameter to take a number instead of a true/false 
(this is _wrong_ in the documentation currently) -- and have that number be 
the MINIMUM jitter buffer

- see why maxexcessbuffer doesn't seem to be working  (if I say "iax2 set 
jitter 250" on CLI all subsequent calls it seems to _really_ help, but any 
current calls don't see a benefit)

... so?  Would any of these changes be welcomed (provided they actually 


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