[Asterisk-Dev] Jitter Buffer

Chris Wilson chris at netservers.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 02:35:59 MST 2004

Hi Brian,

> > I've done a bit of searching in the Asterisk source and on Google, and it
> > seems to me that either there is no jitter buffer for SIP, or I can't find
> > it. However, there is a jitter buffer for IAX 1 and 2.
> The jitter buffer is SIP->ZAP otherwise it doesn't exist.

Can you give me any pointers to find that one? I could only find the 
jitter buffer in chan_iax/2.c.

> > I'm running SIP (phones don't support IAX) over a wireless network shared
> > with data traffic, which causes some increase in jitter when large volumes
> > of data are transferred. Would it be useful to have a SIP jitter buffer,
> > is it something I could add, and would Digium be interested?
> If you allow reinvites the phones should do that for you.

Sorry, I should have added that we also have CAPI for external calls,
which are the vast majority, and thus we need most of the streams to go
through Asterisk to get to the ISDN lines.

> Anything grandstream needs to be thrown in the lake.

Hehe :-) I wish we could all afford nice kit like Ciscos.

Cheers, Chris.
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