[Asterisk-Dev] From wiki to the CVS

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Jan 19 01:20:10 MST 2004

I see my own contributions to the Wiki as donations to the project and claim no particular
right to them - the doc project is free to use them if they will. Now, I took a Wiki page
on the local channel, compiled last week from contributions to the mailing list, and added to
a README.local in bugs. Zoa asked who was going to disclaim this material, and I really
had no answer... It is indeed a very good question, important for Digium to resolve.

Is there anyone here that don't want to disclaim that particular text for use within the CVS?
As I remember Mark contributed, so that part should be all right. Florian put the Wiki page
together. Add your thoughts to

In general, the Wiki consists quite a lot of texts from the "show application" material
already in the CVS, with additions by several contributors and some material taken from
the mailing lists. There's als quite a few additional articles.

I would like to have a general "ok" on updating README files in the CVS from the Wiki,
without having to track individual contributors down. If you have signed the text on the
wiki page, I'll ask, otherwise I consider the reference material BSD licensed, free
for Digium to include in the commercial product.

Any opinions?


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