[Asterisk-Dev] Local channel (New subject)

Mark Spencer markster at digium.com
Sat Jan 17 08:04:46 MST 2004

> > > Oh, the mysterious local channel again. There's no proper documentation on this
> > > anywhere. Could someone please take some time to explain when to use the local
> > > channel and how it works, so we could add this to the Wiki and the docs project?

The "Local" channel driver allows you to convert an arbitrary extension
into a channel.  It is used in a variety of places, including agents, etc.

Here are some examples (primarily using conferencing) where it might be

* Suppose you wanted to build a web GUI for building conferences...  You
could make your script ask for what number to call and use
Local/number at context as the channel in your .call file, and set the
conference as the extension to go to.

* Imagine you had a conference going on and you wanted to be able to add
someone in sales.  You could use Local/salesexten at context as the channel
to add to the conference, which would then ring everyone in sales.

* Imagine you wanted to link two conferences together.

* Imagine you wanted to add MusicOnHold to a conference.


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