[Asterisk-Dev] Patch to allow for timeouts while calls in queue are waiting

Richard Lyman pchammer at dynx.net
Thu Jan 15 18:10:12 MST 2004

Ted Cabeen wrote:

>Here is a patch that I wrote that allows callers who are waiting in a
>queue to timeout and move on if they spend more than a specified
>amount of time waiting.  Note that this is separate from the normal
>timeout variable, which only applies when a call is being sent to a
>member of the queue.  This timeout applies while a caller is waiting
>in the queue and there are other callers ahead of them.  The code
>defaults to an infinite timeout, so it will not cause any change in
>behavior for asterisk.  Can this get looked over and committed if
>possible?  Thanks.

there are a few of these, bug#'s 195 and 214 (going from memory)

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