Windows Call Manager : Formerly [Asterisk-Dev] New Bounty

Christian Hoffmeyer christian at
Wed Jan 14 17:18:46 MST 2004

> I've personally put up a $300 USD bounty on a win32 call manager -
> hopefully a few others will help get the ball rolling :

Is C# and .NET fine?

This is already nearly done.

I can send you binaries of a single user call manager, and the operator
manager is in the pipe.

Actually, I'll just post these for download.

You have to install the Outlook dialer and the Astring manager separately.

Also, you can point the directory to a local file or a webfile by typing
http://url in the text box.

I'll also include a sample xml file for the directory. This uses the Cisco
directory format so it will integrate with their phones more easily.

Martin Croome is building this.

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