[Asterisk-Dev] Fax

Jason Penton j.penton at ru.ac.za
Tue Jan 13 03:08:47 MST 2004

Hi All

I have just a quick question regarding app_txfax for Asterisk. 

When I send a fax from asterisk to a traditional fax machine 
connected to asterisk via the digium analog card everything 
works perfectly. However the same fax machine on the public 
telephoine network results in errors (looks like some sort of 
training error). 

My asterisk box is connected to the pstn using an ISDN card. 
I don't mind trying to fix this myself but I am puzzled by 
the different behavior experienced when the fax machine is on 
the digium card and when it is connected to our public 
carrier, and therefore have no idea where to start. Would 
someone (Steve Underwood ;-) )mind at least putting me on the 
right track so I can address this issue?

Thanks in advance Steve

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