[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk - PIM integration? How should it work?

Steve Murphy murf at e-tools.com
Mon Jan 12 09:11:32 MST 2004


What would it take to provide some integration between a PIM (eg
Evolution), and Asterisk?

I guess features, like being able to point to an email address in your
email, and right click
and select dial, and maybe get list of numbers in a pop up if the email
address is associated
with several different phone numbers, select the one you want, and...
well, asterisk is contacted,
a request is passed to dial a given number and connect with a certain
local extension (yours). 
I guess you'd have to have option in Evolution for such: the IP number
of an asterisk server, 
the name of the extension the user would like to use to talk to a
party... (Zap/5?  Sip/name?)

I guess asterisk would have to figure out that (Zap/5) is associated
with a certain context,
open up a channel to it, then act like that extension just dialed a
number, and let the normal
dialplan take care of it from there... I don't know if the user would
have to pick up the phone to
start the process, or whether the user would have to wait for the phone
to ring, and be bridged.

Question is: can astman and its protocol handle this sort of thing? How
do far more experienced
asterisk folks view such integration? 


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