[Asterisk-Dev] More Success on the Cisco 7920 and SCCP !!!!!

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Sun Jan 11 04:51:05 MST 2004

Hi All,

have some decent success on the 7920 "activation" in Asterisk.

Latest status:
chan_skinny does NOT work with 7920
chan_sccp does WORK with 7920 (!!)


to remove coredumping the chan_sccp just comment out the MWI
(messagewaitingindicator), then it compiles fine.

Then change sccp_helper.c:  return "P0060302" instead of the old value.

and voila:

Phone is registering to Asterisk :-)

But currently:
After registering to Asterisk it received a "off-hook" message from the
7960 and then "Call Ended" on the Display (curious about that !!!).

After that the phone reboots and the stuff repeats....

Hope to find more answers soon, but it should lead people in the right


Jan Czmok, Network Engineering & Support, Global Access Telecomm, Inc.
Ph.: +49 69 299896-35 - fax: +49 69 299896-40 - sip:13129*522 at inoc-dba.pch.net

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