[Asterisk-Dev] Re: [Asterisk-Users] Asterisk not working with session border controller

Michael Procter michael.procter at citel.com
Wed Jan 7 03:02:44 MST 2004

This is also related to bug 510.  Asterisk doesn't send the correct
value in the Contact header of the 200 response to the REGISTER.  I
think the SNOM bug relates to the consequence that the correct value
is also not preserved for subsequent INVITEs.

Anyone know how to mark two bugs as related?


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Venkat Venkataraju wrote:
> I finally got what the problem is about from the guys @ middle (i still 
> dont have the documentation of the system). The asterisk seems to 
> replace the contact address in the registration request.
This is the same bug as the SNOM bug.

Work in progress to fix this. Follow the bug.


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