[Asterisk-Dev] benevolent dictatorship, or inclusive developper community?

Brian West brian at bkw.org
Tue Jan 6 22:33:06 MST 2004

> Then how about contributing by becoming a bug maintainer.  You can talk to
> Brian West and he'll give you all the details you need.  Brian and the
> other bug maintainers get special access to get bugs through, but the only
> way to "scale" me is to have all the preprocessing done ahead of time
> (make sure bug reports have backtraces if appropriate, are filtered, that
> patches have already been tested, etc).

Please someone help.. Its a fulltime job for me.  Find me on IRC bkw_ i'm
sure you guys know me.

If I recall your bug is 104 and yes it has been around the block a few
times. I have even sent people to test it and request more feedback.  I to
have patches that I would like to see in asterisk but I take it a few
steps at a time(bug 504 is the one I wanna see).  I spend atleast 3 hours
a day(if not more) working on the bug tracker looking for duplicate bugsl

So please if your intrested in helping me please find me on IRC and I will
go over it with you.


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