[Asterisk-Dev] Current database abstraction effort ?

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Tue Jan 6 11:51:37 MST 2004

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> My question is, why do you need to write the CDR to a database in the
> place?  The applications that read this type of data are used to accessing
> it as clear text (ASCII).  This has been picked up in the past from RS-232
> streams but in more recent years "evolved" to file or IP streams.  Here
> approaches that are used today by various IP PBX manufacturers:

Please people... this effort/thread doesn't started to write CDR in
database! Was started to read configurations from databases...
The matter here is: Is ODBC ready to be used to be data support [instead or
joint] to flat config files?

All class 5 switches stores AMA tickets in flat files, but in the most cases
of medium/large companies, those tickets are parsed and stored in large
databases. The great of store directly to a database is (obviously) you
don't need none of those parser to read the tickets and store them.

My 0.02 cents.



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