[Asterisk-Dev] Re: [Asterisk-Users] Asterisk not working with session border controller

Venkat Venkataraju outofjungle at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 6 05:40:52 MST 2004

Steve Totaro wrote:
> And you say this is a commercial product that you purchased and they asked
> you to fix the problem?
guys @ middle claim that the Asterisk is breaking the RFC and they are 
asking me to fix it on Asterisk as our company wants to use Asterisk. 
The "middle" does seems to work with many other SIP proxies.

> Where did you purchase it from or are you developing it and need help?  More
> docs might help.
I'm not developing it, but i'm working with a company thats trying to 
bring consumer VoIP by using Asteisk. I'm working on call processing 
system that uses astman. But i was pulled into this to get asterisk work 
with Middle. I dont have any other docs. i've asked for it. i'll post it 
  if i get one.

I've got logs from Middle, but i'm not sure how it may help. for the request

REGISTER sip:sip-xxxxx.homeip.net SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 68.#.#.84:7062;branch=z9hG4bK-middle-4178
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 68.#.#.125:5060
From: <sip:2002 at sip-xxxxx.homeip.net;user=phone>;tag=1722079273
To: <sip:2002 at sip-xxxxx.homeip.net;user=phone>
Contact: <sip:2002*sip-xxxxx.homeip.net= at 68.#.#.84:7062>
Call-ID: 2365955374 at 68.#.#.125
Content-Length: 0
User-Agent: Cisco ATA 186  v2.16 ata18x (030401a)

Asteisk is supposed to respond back to the IP on port 7062 (i was told. 
i'vnt read the RFC), but it send the request back on the port 7060, the 
originating port of the request.


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>>Hi All
>>My company has bought a license for a session border controller called
>>"Middle". It look like this software acts like a proxy and registers
>>devices to the asterisk.
>>the problem (As per Middle guys) is that "Middle" sends a registration
>>request to the Asterisk asking it to reply to the port 7062, but the
>>Asterisk sends back the packet to the originating port 7060. This
>>confuses the "Middle" and the registration process stalls @ "Proxy
>>Authentication Required".
>>When i talked to person responsible, he told me that Asterisk is not
>>according to the RFC and he asked me to find a solution to fix this
>>problem. The only info i got about middle is here
>>Please help me in fixing this problem. I really dont know what to do as
>>i'm not fully aware of SIP protocol or Middle.
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