[Asterisk-Dev] [Fwd: Re: [openss7]Project: Asterisk PBX] and line-signalling ?

Florian Overkamp florian at obsimref.com
Tue Jan 6 03:14:51 MST 2004


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> There have been some Asterisk discussions on the OpenSS7 list 
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> Subject: Re: [openss7]Project: Asterisk PBX
> Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 06:32:17 -0500
> From: Tom Scott <telecomtom at vedatel.com>
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*snipping a lot of -interesting- mail*

Okay, so the executive summary here is that Asterisk is doing some things in
a less compatible way - gaining some performance at a cost so high it will
cause SS7 certification to fail. The alternative would be to buy some TE4xxP
cards and make a dedicated OpenSS7 switch platform that ties in to Asterisk
(or perhaps it can be done using TDMoE ?). 

Is there anyone who can comment on the state of things ? 

On a (slightly) related note:
I would very much like to start using Asterisk with TE4xxP cards to function
as a break-box (PBX -> * -> E1 lines) to integrate with current PBX
facilities. From the SS7 thread I understand that some things are lacking in
this aspect too. What features may be lacking in this aspect (special
signalling methods etc.) ?


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