[Asterisk-Dev] Some patches posted to bugs.digium.com

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Mon Jan 5 08:50:15 MST 2004


I finally got around to sending some of my little changes to

Bug 744 is a patch to allow ENUM to be left out.  This helps
  those on old distributions without res_ninit etc.

Bug 745 adds a new command PlayInterruptibleTones that is to
  Playtones as Background is to Playback.  That is, it starts
  a tone playing until a digit it dialled

Bug 746 allows Asterisk to generate modulated tones as are used
  in Australia, South Africa.

Bug 747 adjusts the tones for australia to be properly modulated
  (building on 746)

Bug 748 adds the indications for South Africa (also building on 746)

Steve Davies

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