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If you don't like to use cdr register for any reason, you could use API
Manager for that.

Uncomment all fields from '[general]' section in manager.conf, define
username and secret, reload and use astman, or gastman. If you like to try
with telnet session, you could do:

telnet [ip addr * box] 5038

and then write:

Action: login[enter]
Username: [your_login][enter]
Secret: [your_secret][enter][enter]

Note: two carry returns to finish the command.

Then you will see:

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

All calls and details will be logged in this telnet session. Perhaps, you
will need to parse the output if you like to send to another system.
Finnaly, please go to wiki for more information.



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> Hi All
> I want to extract information like called number and the channel
> whenever a call is being made. This information will be sent to another
> process to compute duration of the active calls.
> What file should i teak so that i can get this information out of
> asterisk? or is there any API which can be used to extract this
> Thanks
> Venkat
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