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chaye wala chayewala at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 00:20:42 MST 2004


I have this case in mind. 

Suppose NUFONE serves IP 100 IP PHONE, which have
dial-in numbers say 12125550001 - 12125550100

Now VoicePulse Has another set of IP PHONEs with 
numbers  19895550001-19895550100.

Voice Pulse User from 19895550001 to 12125550001. (He
he he You are getting the picture now). It goes
through PSTN today. If we have an external central
root server, a centerl * PHONE To SIP PROXY server,
where both NUFONE and VOICEPULSE can register their
numbers. ASTERISK can get the destination number and
the PROXY which serves the number without going via

Well, A simple solution would be to go out and get
this NOT*FOUND Extention information from an external
SOURCE. A Soft VOIP ROOT server or a VoIP exchange. 

If we have read from a database capability in * either
real time (why not?) or a batch update capability then
it will be greatly useful. 

There is no need to have built in adinistration into
ASTERISK, if data can be loaded or can come from an
external database on demand. 

The administration utility then will only have to
populate the databaase at the central VoIP exchange.

Hope this builds up a perspective and hope I am not
beating a dead horse.

My 1/2 cents worth!
--- Adam Hart <adam at teragen.com.au> wrote:
> > Steven Sokol Wrote:
> > The only inflexibility here is the fact that, if
> you are running a phone
> > company off of your iax.conf file, it might be
> prohibitively slow/cpu
> > intensive to reload _every_ time a change is made.
>  A provisioning window
> > could obviate this, but it's still not the best
> answer.
> > 
> > How are IaxTel and NuFone, etc. handling this?
> > 
> MySQL database for usernames and passwords
> What i'd love to see is a nice way to do extensions
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