[Asterisk-Dev] SIP Extrange Problem

Jim Burnes jim.burnes at gwl.com
Thu Feb 26 10:27:58 MST 2004

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 11:07:44AM +0100, Sergio Serrano Revuelto wrote:

Hi, Sergio.  I can't help you with your Budgetone problem, but I thought
I would help you with your English.  This may seem trivial, but my Italian
and German friends have been helping me with my Italian and German, so I
thought I would help the cause of international harmony.

'Extrange' is not a word in English.  I think you mean 'strange'.

The first sentence is much clearer if re-written like this...

"For several days we have been having a very strange problem."

Here is a clearer translation of the rest...

"When we try to connect to a Budgetone on the intranet, it works for
a few seconds, but after a while the audio between the intranet and
extranet cuts off."

"This is not the only problem.  The same thing happens when an intranet
Budgetone speaks with another intranet phone."

"This is the debug message I see when the Budgetone conversation cuts-off:"


"I have checked the configuration files.  I can't find it anywhere in the
log files and I don't know what to do.  Could it be an internal network
problem?  A switch problem?  Are you aware of any bugs in the Budgetone


You seem to be making a consistent error.  In English, our adverbs and
adjectives occur before the noun.  For example, while we would say,
"Intenet phone", most "romance" languages like Spanish, Italian and
French would put the adjective after the noun and put an 'of' between.

This is a common translation error for people who speak these languages.

So instead of saying "phone of the Internet", say "Internet phone". We
understand what you mean, but it looks very 'stange'. ;-)

I don't intend to embarass you.  That's why I didn't copy the rest of the
list.  I just thought it would be easier to communicate your ideas
next time if you were aware.

Good luck with your SIP phone problem.

jim burnes
'Too much time on my hands"
security engineer

> Hi all,
>     For a few days we have a very extrange problem. We have an intranet
> with Budgetone and others SIP Phones. 
> In the extranet We Have Budgetone Phones. The whole system was working
> well between the extranet and the intranet until a few days ago. 
> When we try to speak with a Budgetone of the intranet, we can speak
> during a few seconds but after a time the audio is cut in the sense of
> intranet-extranet. 
> The problem is not only it, but if a budgetone of the intranet speaks
> with another phone of the intranet the same thing happens. 
> After a time of conversation the audio is cut in the sense of the
> budgetone to another phone. I see the next meesage in debug:
> Feb 26 10:50:04 DEBUG[50193]: Didn't get a frame from channel:
> SIP/707-996a
> I have checked the files of configuration. It does not appear at all any
> more in the files of logs and I do not know that to do. 
> Can it be a problem of the internal network? of the switches? Is there
> any bug in the budgetones?
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> srsergio

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