[Asterisk-Dev] can asterisk make a call to ohphone

pradeepachar pradeepachar at indiatimes.com
Wed Feb 25 01:05:56 MST 2004

hi all,
i am a new user of asterisk.
i made a sample testing of making a call from asterisk to ohphone. Asterisk will make call and suddenly disconnects. 
following are the steps i followed in the above testing :
1) ran ohphone on the same machine but at different port say 1721

2) In extension.conf i made the following entries
     exten => 501,1,Dial(H323/

3) I runned asterisk with h323 enabled.

4) at the CLI> prompt i gave the command "Dial 501"

5) at asterisk it is giving the following errors
     don't how to display condition -1 on OSS/dsp
     error reading from sound device ( if you are runninf artsd then kill it ):resource temporarily unavailable
    == spawn extension(local, 501,1)exited nonzero on OSS/dsp 
     << Hangup on console >>

Am I doing any thinf wrong, can somebody help me out to solve this isuue

thanks in advance,

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