[Asterisk-Dev] Bouty for TBCT

Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
Sun Feb 22 20:21:03 MST 2004

BOUNTY!! Need to have 2B channel transfer on PRI working 
This my fall under the libpri instead of zap, but here it is none the
less. I need to have asterisk be able to hand off 2 b channels of a PRI
to the upstream switch. This would get * out of the bridge and more
importantly, release the use on the channels on the PRI. 
Additional Information 
Additional info on the 2BCT can be found on John Todd's website. URL is:

Please contact off-list if you need more info. I would be wiling to
place this back into community so the bounty would take that into
account. In other words, give me an idea of how much!!!
It is already in the bug tracker as:
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