[Asterisk-Dev] $50 BOUNTY RE: [Asterisk-Users] Agents / ackcall

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Sat Feb 21 10:23:10 MST 2004

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Greg Boehnlein wrote:

> Hey there.. I hate cross posting, but can someone point out why this is 
> not working, and/or/why it is such a bad idea? All I am trying to 
> accomplish is getting a GSM file to be announced to an agent via 
> AgentCallbackLogin BEFORE they press the "#" key.
> $50 via PayPal to the first person that makes this work and adds an option 
> to "queues.conf" to configure the file that is played! ;)

After looking at the source code a bit, I realized that this is not a 
clear cut, easy thing to accomplish. I was under the impression that 
chan_agent played the actual "announce = " gsm file to the user, but that 
is incorrect. app_queue calls chan_agent to establish the connection and 
once it returnes, the announcement is played.

So, chan_agent does need to be modified, similar to the way that I've done 
it already, to play the announcement AFTER the channel has connected, and 
before the agent presses "#".

It seems like a more reasonable method to define a "preack-announce" 
message in the "agents.conf" file rather than place this in the 
queues.conf file, as it is possible that agents could be used outside of 
the queue structure.

Any takers?

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