[Asterisk-Dev] Initiating pbx features from asterisk in response features buttons on basic phones (12sp)

Peter E. Clark peter_clark at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 09:06:04 MST 2004

I'm having trouble figuring out the right technique to get my Cisco
12SP+ feature buttons to initiate call park, transfer, and other
similar funtions.

I've read that most phones implement part or all of the support for
these features, but the 12SP+ seem to be very basic, and all I get from
the 12SP+ when the feature button is pressed is a "stimulus message"
see below: 

  // XXX Not sure
  if (skinnydebug) {
    printf("Recieved Stimulus: Park(%d)\n", stimulusInstance);

// XXX Not sure
  if (skinnydebug) {
    printf("Recieved Stimulus: Conference(%d)\n", stimulusInstance);

What I'm looking for some help with is how can I get Asterisk to
initiate a call forward for instance in one of these cases.  Looking
through the code in chan_skinny.c I can see where if I hit the # sign
it initiates a transfer.  How can I drive something like this from the
server side (when one of these stimulus messages is received) rather
than hitting the # sign from the phone?  Any ideas?


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