[Asterisk-Dev] CISCO 12SP+/30VIP

slime slime2k at t-online.de
Wed Feb 18 04:24:38 MST 2004

I have three IP Phones. 
1 * 12SP+ with firmware 2.04
1 * 12SP+ with firmware 3.00
1 * 30 VIP with firmware 3.00
The 12SP with 2.04 works fine, but the other two wont connect to the *
Is this a problem with the 3.00 fw or is there any hint, or can i
downgrade the fw?
They only got the IP addr. by dhcp, then try to get SEPDefault.cnf by
After this the 2.04 phone connects to the * Server, but the other two
Thanx for help.
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