[Asterisk-Dev] Button Templates for 12SP+ and 30 VIP chan_sccp.c

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Mon Feb 16 10:05:29 MST 2004

Peter E. Clark (peter_clark at yahoo.com) wrote:
> Here's some button templates for the 30 VIP and 12SP+ for chan_sccp.c. 
> Since the 79xx phones all have numeric model numbers and the code does
> an atoi on the model number to look up the button template, I just used
> 12 for the 12SP+ and 30 for the 30 VIP.  From what I've read on Cisco's
> site, all 12 series phones use the same button template. 

will test this today, it's already in lambda's CVS.


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