[Asterisk-Dev] chan_skinny enhanced features

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Mon Feb 16 09:28:21 MST 2004

Theo P. Zourzouvillys (theo at crazygreek.co.uk) wrote:
> On Monday 16 February 2004 09:59, Jan Czmok wrote:
> > As far i know (haven't spoke to theo in the last weeks) he's working on
> > the "features" like hold/transfer and speeddial, but have not received
> > any feedback neither cvs update.
> yup, it's getting there, all be it slowly.  my daughter is teethign at the 
> moment, so i'm not exactly the most alert i've ever been :)

can you probably give me a current dump of the work you already done, so
that we can assist you? i'd like to work on the transfer /blindxfer
stuff asap and have the resources to do so.

> > chan_skinny will be merged with chan_sccp in the near future as far i
> > know from theo.
> Yup, hopefully in the next few weeks we'll start on this.
>  ~ Theo

any ideas on this, too ? we're here to help ...

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