[Asterisk-Dev] chan_skinny enhanced features

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Mon Feb 16 02:59:54 MST 2004

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> > Hi, 
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> > I've been doing some work on chan_skinny to add support for more than
> > one line, display callerid on inbound call, and would like to add
> > support for hold, transfer, etc.. and speeddial.  This is in the
> > context of adding some cisco 12sp+ and 30 VIP phones to a home phone
> > system using Asterisk.
> I think at least some of this work is already done in chan_sccp, available
> seperately from asterisk.  Is thi what you are asking?  Or are there
> licensing issues :-)

As far i know (haven't spoke to theo in the last weeks) he's working on
the "features" like hold/transfer and speeddial, but have not received
any feedback neither cvs update.

I have a lot of callmanager dumpf here and currently working on the
framework in the chan_sccp to get the stuff implemented in my 
"experimental" chan_sccp(+), which might be backported to theo.

> > Before I do too much more on this I want to make sure that this isn't
> > already being worked on so I don't reinvent the wheel.  
> > Is anyone currently working on any of this stuff on chan_skinny?

chan_skinny will be merged with chan_sccp in the near future as far i
know from theo.


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