[Asterisk-Dev] Queueing questions...

toms at xmission.com toms at xmission.com
Thu Feb 12 09:51:22 MST 2004

I have some questions for anyone that can help. 

I have been looking at AGI scripts and I think I have some of the answers
this, but here goes...

What I need to do is the following:

1. Call comes into a pilot number.
2. A message is sent to a script indicating call ID N has been queued.
Included with this info is the calls profile information like DNIS, ANI,
3. After some period of time, a script sends a message back to * to have
call ID N routed to a specific extension on the switch.

4. When the caller or agent hangup, a message is sent to a script.

My questions are as follows, (but before I begin; I know there is queueing
and some ACD functionality in *, but I need to do this externally. I want
the queueing decisions to be external because my central queue engine
handles things like email, chat, etc as well as calls):

Is there a call ID **** that allows disconnected routing from a queue?
In other words, can I send some message to * that will tell it to route a
call in queue to a specific extension by a call ID (because there may be
los of calls queued).

While the call is in queue, can I send commands to have different
announcements played? 

If a call hangs up while in queue, is that a step in extensions.conf so I
can call my script with that info?


Tom Schaefer

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