[Asterisk-Dev] Code comments for IAX and GNO Phone?

Chris Albertson chrisalbertson90278 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 10:37:42 MST 2004

About the only way you will get beter coments is if you
write them.

As software systems go Asterisk is, in my opinion, in terms is
size right on the border of what one person _can_ understand
It's not quite what I'd call a "large software system" but is
of such a size and complexity that it should take a competent
programmer conciderable time (weeks) to come up to speed on.

Typically when you come to a new system the best way to learn
is to try a very well defined task that required only changes
isolated in one area.  

Doxigen is kind of nice because it hyperlinks the code so you
can jump around but I find I don't figure out how something
works by pasive reading.  I have to go in with the idea that I'm
going to make a change and then I'll learn how that little part
asociated by my change works.   Learn enough little parts that
way and you'll know the whole thing maybe some day

Many professionals, maybe _all_ professionals working in the
aerospace industry don't even try to understand the software
that is outside thier little corner of the project, it's just
not a productive use of time.  As an example, I _may_ have worked
on the launch of those two rovers that are up on Mars now.
I'm pretty sure of it as I was here when they went up and I do
work on most Delta vehicle telemetry processing but I don't
normally check or ask about what is up in the payload fairing.

--- Jack Lee <super_visor_mit at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain more detailed code comments
> to the 
> abovementioned applications. At first I wish to understand the
> current code 
> but there are so many lines of code that I don't know where to start
> from.
> I am no expert in programming but do hardcore programmers who want to
> join 
> the development understand the code on day 1? o_O In that case, how
> do you 
> get insight to the code? I'm using Doxygen but the more I click
> around, the 
> more I get confused. >_<
> Jack
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