[Asterisk-Dev] Disa

Jonathan Biggs jon_209 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 20:10:52 MST 2004

Have been using DISA for about a month now,
No delay problems,

I have it tagged to specific call-in CallerID,
double passwords with Authenticate first,
then the password for the DISA,  

I can dial in via Zap or IAX2 and have not noticed any

Do you use passords with the DISA? I have never tried
the no_password option. 

What I find helps is attaching to asterisk via
asterisk -r, setting verbose to 3, and then watching
the messages as I dial in. I can see each step
you can see if DISA starts and you are waiting 5 more
seconds.  Then it would be in the DISA application
most likley. I am not an expert thought

--- Ed Devine <ncfm at airmail.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have an actual, known to be working
> example of an extension using DISA? 
> I'm not using voip or sip. 
> I've tried hunderds of variations trying to get
> asterisk to answer a did line, attach to disa, and
> allow me to process call back out of the system.
> I've visited the bug section and it appears that
> disa has had a problematic history. I've been trying
> to get asterisk to answer an inbound call and give
> me immediate dialtone. 
> If I use immediate = yes in zapata.conf, I do get
> dialtone, but asterisk thinks no further digits are
> forthcoming, and no further digits will process. 
> If I don't use immediate = yes in zapata.conf, I
> must wait 5 seconds before I get dialtone. Once I
> get dialtone, I can make the calls process the way
> that I want them to, but having to wait 5 seconds on
> each call hardly qualifies asterisk as a viable
> alternative to an existing pbx.

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