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Chris Albertson chrisalbertson90278 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 17:25:52 MST 2004

Try this:

So you can make it work the way you want except for a five second
delay?   Seems the quick fix would be hunt through the code to
find where "5" is set and change it to something like "0" or

Seeing as the "immediate = [yes|no] lives in zapata.conf I
might guess the constant "5" lives someplace in the zapata
library.  Change it, and re-compile.  Then run with
immediate=no but with the delay set to 0.001 seconds no one
will notice it.  Worst case is that it's an integer and  needs
to be set to 1, even then a 5x speed up.

--- Ed Devine <ncfm at airmail.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have an actual, known to be working example of an
> extension using DISA? 
> I'm not using voip or sip. 
> I've tried hunderds of variations trying to get asterisk to answer a
> did line, attach to disa, and allow me to process call back out of
> the system.
> I've visited the bug section and it appears that disa has had a
> problematic history. I've been trying to get asterisk to answer an
> inbound call and give me immediate dialtone. 
> If I use immediate = yes in zapata.conf, I do get dialtone, but
> asterisk thinks no further digits are forthcoming, and no further
> digits will process. 
> If I don't use immediate = yes in zapata.conf, I must wait 5 seconds
> before I get dialtone. Once I get dialtone, I can make the calls
> process the way that I want them to, but having to wait 5 seconds on
> each call hardly qualifies asterisk as a viable alternative to an
> existing pbx.

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