[Asterisk-Dev] NEWBIE: how to modify Dial application

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Fri Feb 6 04:37:53 MST 2004


Sorry if this is a very basic question.
I need to modify the Dial or Queue application to include my own logs to 
know if the call is answered or not, the phone number that answered the call 
and some other items.

I have copied app_dial.c in a file called app_dial2.c and modified this 
copy. Trying these logs as agi-scripts or standalone C applications work 

I don't know how to compile.Trying make app_dial2.so I obtain this file 
without errors, but it is really small (23KB vs 75KB or the original file). 
Don't know what I'm missing...
After I compile my own module how can I use it on extensions.conf ?

I'd really appreciate any help, or reference to look for this.


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