[Asterisk-Dev] TDM400P - Connecting phone after startup - sometimes hangs card?

Jonathan Biggs jon_209 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 21:34:22 MST 2004

Question on a periodic peculiarity I have experience
with my asterisk system that I do not understand.

While setting up the PBX, the server has been booted
and operational for hours or days.  Several ports on
my TDM400P were not connected to any phone lines.

While completing hookup of the lines,  I would connect
the phone directly to the open port while server was
running.  Have experienced the following more than
once for each, but not all the time...

1.  Port non-responsive till module unload and load
2.  All green lights on Card immediatly go out. Card
still working.  Module unload and load restores lights
3.  All green lights on Card immediatly go out. All
four ports on the card not working.  Modules unload
and load corrects.

I ask the question because I am starting to trace down
several server hangs that have happened over the last
several days.  They seem to be related to a phone
extension that was unplugged being plugged in directly
before a call transferred to that extension. 

Is there any possible voltage for signalling issues I
am missing?  currently using FKOKS on both my TDM400P 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks

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