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Sun Sep 14 16:05:36 MST 2003

I agree with you. I think that the best alternative is to have an monitoring
application from inside *.
The matter is how. ;)


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> Hello,
> > two small scripts to verify that * runs ok (doing ps -ax, querying *
> > manager 5038, etc). Now, I think that it's time to build a unique
> > application, isn't it?
> I think it is an important point to make * reliable. But there are
differents sort of things to probe in *:
> -channels are the most important one I think (probe that * is running and
is able to accept calls through sip/iax or h323 channel per example)
> -another thing important is to be sure that all applications are working
(the other day I had all the system down due to too many file handles open,
so all AGI were not working)
> -another one is to probe if it is not caused by one of the provider (a
link like E1 or internet provider is down...).
> For the moment I don't know if the system has to be maid from the inside
of *, or if it should be an outside program, but some probes can only be
maid from the inside like checking the apps.
> Miro
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