[Asterisk-Dev] newbie help.

Steve Bradwell sbradwell at isense.ca
Tue Sep 9 14:18:16 MST 2003

Hello All,


I am a newbie looking to learn about Asterisk. I'm new to IVR and all
that goes with it. I would like to know if it is possible to grab the
number of an incoming call, have Asterisk, or third party software
return the call with an automated voice message allowing the original
placer of the call to select another person to call (eg "Select 1 for
Bob") then have Asterisk automatically place that call for the person.
Is this a complex solution?


Would anyone mind giving me some direction and possibly filling me in on
if this is possible? Also how customizable is Asterisk and what language
do I use to customize or develop for it?


Thanks in advance, and sorry 



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