[Asterisk-Dev] * and Zap on AMD64/Opteron

Joe Antkowiak joe at jsci.net
Thu Sep 4 15:15:04 MST 2003


I have a server coming, which consists of an ASUS SK8N motherboard, an AMD
Opteron 1.4g cpu, and 512m of dual channel memory.  If you're not familiar
with this, the amd opteron is a 64bit cpu that does hardware 32bit
emulation.  It will be running suse enterprise server for AMD64.

I will not be running * on this box, but in the future it may be a good
performer.  So, before it goes into production, I have some zaptel cards I
can put in the box, and I can provide access to it via dsl, if anyone is
interested getting the zaptel modules working on this box (from what I'm
told, the modules won't work with the kernel for this box).

Please reply off-list if you are interested.  Apologies if this has already
been discussed, I searched the archives and couldn't find anything.


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