[Asterisk-Dev] Long comments and ideas for sip.conf

Rainer Jochem rainer at graphics.cs.uni-sb.de
Thu Sep 4 11:59:12 MST 2003

> > Hmm... tell me how you'd manage a sip.conf with 17000 users and giving
> > the users the possibility of changing their passwords... :)
> > 
> > Or if you want to use * in a large environment, where all the other
> > user accounts are already stored in a central database. Having
> > database support in asterisk, it could be easily integrated in such
> > an installation.
> If you had read farther along, I suggested how to make you happy in your
> environment while not changing what I am happy with. 

Read it and like it. I just wanted to mention that there are some 
cases where a database support would be helpful.

Of course for most of the stuff flat config files have their 

> In the long run
> what I suggested would make asterisk better all the way around without
> stepping on anyones toes about your database sucks, or my affinity for
> flat file configurations. 

 (who also prefers using cd, ls, rm and cp as filemanager ;)

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