[Asterisk-Dev] Problem in generating CDRs

Manoj K Gupta mgupta at spgsolutions.com
Thu Sep 4 03:28:57 MST 2003

I am posting this email again to the list..

hi list,

recently i have noticed a scenerio in the * when the call goes from *
without generating any cdr.
The case is when i making an outgoing call using outgoing folder.

I wrote the following info to sample.call
Channel:  Oh323/XXXXXXX
Maxretries: 1
WaitTime: 30
Contex: incoming
Extension: 1
Priority: 1

In Extension.conf i have

In agi-test.agi
i have used php to dial another number on zap channel using
"Exec Dial Zap/1/xxxxxxx"

The call goes fine but it didn't generate any info in the cdr_csv.
I have tried the same scenerion using ZAP,Oh323 as well as IAX channel.
But the result is same.So is this a bug..or i am doing something wrong.

Manoj K Gupta
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