[Asterisk-Dev] Anyone interested in sharing PRI/T1 capacity i n US (Virginia)?

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Sun Mar 30 10:23:28 MST 2003

If anyone wants NYC numbers, I'll do the same thing in LATA 132/224 (North
NJ and NYC). My cost is 20$/concurrent call (not per DID!), and you can
get as many DIDs as you want.

I will also be able to terminate calls soon in LATA 132 for sub-1c/minute.

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On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Steve Radich wrote:

> I got quite a few responses; I'm going to just reply to the list for now as
> I'll be quite busy until about mid next week.
> Our business in colo (really managed NT web servers more than colo) so this
> is outside the scope of what we do "officially".  I'm open to either doing
> this on an informal relationship with some kind of term commitment from the
> partners (as we'll need to sign term commits on any capacity of lines, being
> 24 to a T1 and that's more than we need ourselves) or a more formal business
> relationship (i.e. profitable and support as well as SLA instead of an
> informal relationship, but support is probably better left to Digium than
> BitShop for Asterisk today).  
> I'm open to suggestions from anyone on how to do this.  It looks like our
> costs come out to around $15/month per line if I'm not mistaken + cost of
> minutes. Bandwidth charges are probably not measurable amount.  I don't have
> quotes yet on DID (?) numbers which I assume people will need instead of
> dialing into our number <grin>.  I also don't fully understand how local
> calls work - do you pay per minute like long distance - One of our needs is
> local for cell phones? 
> I see this as more a grass-roots effort to help the Asterisk community more
> than a profit center; eventually we may want to turn this into profit for
> end users (otherwise we'd go broke if we didn't think about profits from
> time to time). 
> If anyone interested in this has some time to bring me up to speed on what
> the various T1/PRI differences are, and what kind of services we need to ask
> the phone company for a quote on I'm open to their feedback - I haven't had
> time yet to figure out exactly what we need in order to get a quote.  If
> someone has an idea of who to talk to in order to order a voice T1 please
> let me know.  I know AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Japan Telecom,
> Qwest, RCN, SBC, SingTel (Singapore Telecom), Sprint, Teleglobe, Verizon,
> Ameritech, Cavalier Telecom, Cambrian Communications, Dominion Telecom,
> Dynegy, Global Crossing, Pacific Bell, Time Warner Telecom, Williams are all
> on-net in the facility our data center is in, I don't know if they offer
> voice here though and don't have contacts at most of these.  As you can
> guess from this list of some of the vendors in our data center we're in a
> huge mega-colocation facility on the east coast.
> Probably what would work best is meeting either online via IRC / AIM or just
> talking on the phone to go over this.  If everyone wants to set a time I can
> sign into the Asterisk IRC room to discuss this one night this coming week -
> Maybe Thursday around 9pm EST (Just a suggestion, whenever is fine really).
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