[Asterisk-Dev] Anyone interested in sharing PRI/T1 capacity i n US (Virginia)?

Steve Radich stever at bitshop.com
Sat Mar 29 18:28:18 MST 2003

I got quite a few responses; I'm going to just reply to the list for now as
I'll be quite busy until about mid next week.


Our business in colo (really managed NT web servers more than colo) so this
is outside the scope of what we do "officially".  I'm open to either doing
this on an informal relationship with some kind of term commitment from the
partners (as we'll need to sign term commits on any capacity of lines, being
24 to a T1 and that's more than we need ourselves) or a more formal business
relationship (i.e. profitable and support as well as SLA instead of an
informal relationship, but support is probably better left to Digium than
BitShop for Asterisk today).  


I'm open to suggestions from anyone on how to do this.  It looks like our
costs come out to around $15/month per line if I'm not mistaken + cost of
minutes. Bandwidth charges are probably not measurable amount.  I don't have
quotes yet on DID (?) numbers which I assume people will need instead of
dialing into our number <grin>.  I also don't fully understand how local
calls work - do you pay per minute like long distance - One of our needs is
local for cell phones? 


I see this as more a grass-roots effort to help the Asterisk community more
than a profit center; eventually we may want to turn this into profit for
end users (otherwise we'd go broke if we didn't think about profits from
time to time). 


If anyone interested in this has some time to bring me up to speed on what
the various T1/PRI differences are, and what kind of services we need to ask
the phone company for a quote on I'm open to their feedback - I haven't had
time yet to figure out exactly what we need in order to get a quote.  If
someone has an idea of who to talk to in order to order a voice T1 please
let me know.  I know AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Japan Telecom,
Qwest, RCN, SBC, SingTel (Singapore Telecom), Sprint, Teleglobe, Verizon,
Ameritech, Cavalier Telecom, Cambrian Communications, Dominion Telecom,
Dynegy, Global Crossing, Pacific Bell, Time Warner Telecom, Williams are all
on-net in the facility our data center is in, I don't know if they offer
voice here though and don't have contacts at most of these.  As you can
guess from this list of some of the vendors in our data center we're in a
huge mega-colocation facility on the east coast.


Probably what would work best is meeting either online via IRC / AIM or just
talking on the phone to go over this.  If everyone wants to set a time I can
sign into the Asterisk IRC room to discuss this one night this coming week -
Maybe Thursday around 9pm EST (Just a suggestion, whenever is fine really).


Steve Radich - Colocation / Virtual Dedicated / Dedicated Servers 
BitShop, Inc. -  <http://www.bitshop.com/> http://www.bitshop.com -
$149/month colo special


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