[Asterisk-Dev] Just an FYI...

John Vozza john at netrom.com
Sat Mar 29 12:54:18 MST 2003

Just did an update to the latest CVS and it appears there was a small
change that may bite a few people....

It seems that GOTO's are now case sensitive. I have a number of lines in
extensions.conf similar to:

exten => s,3,Goto,Start|s|1

But I had

exten => s,1,DigitTimeout,2

This has worked fine since I started using * several months ago and I was
rather confused when I started getting "sent into invalid extension 's' in
context 'Start' but no invalid handler"  after I had recompiled and
restarted *

Changing [start] -> [Start] solved the problem. A problem of my own making
but * has ignored it till now and I thought I could save someone the
"heart attack" I just went thru :)

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