[Asterisk-Dev] smallish brokennesses

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Fri Mar 28 02:56:18 MST 2003

Couple of pieces that are obviously broken but someone with more clue than 
I need to fix it:


make configurable whether mgcp_indicate for CONGESTION will "nbz"  signal
or "bz" (just like BUSY). Certain devices don't know what nbz is.

Implement retransmission or at least expiry of MGCP "transactions". As it 
is now, if a packet is lost (or malformed/etc), asterisk will refuse to 
talk to device because it'll still wait for packet to come back. I just 
added timeout (i.e. if 20 seconds passed, don't defer anything, push the 
queue through), but its not correct. ;)

Implement sensible code to handle 'hookflash' (event hf). I currently do 
same thing as hangup, but that's not correct.


sip_set_rtp_peer/transmit_reinvite_with_sdp combination is horribly
broken. if it is used on an incoming call (should it be?), it'll send 
another INVITE out to our caller (incorrect). I don't know enough to say 
what is proper behaviour should be.

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