[Asterisk-Dev] Hardware Platform for IVR

yoyo momo xaraasterix at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Mar 27 18:28:46 MST 2003

Hi everybody. 
This is a re-formulated question of another made before, in another thread.
I am trying to evaluate the hardware platform l need to set up in order to provide good enough quality of service with de Asterisk platform which will be implemented to act as an IVR server. This is: No Dialogic or Zapata cards. Only an ethernet card connected to a VoIP-H.323 Cisco platform from the public telephony provider.
So again, i need to estimate the [CPU+Cache+Memory+Hardisks] needed to properly manage [N vocal communications] 
I think i will have to grow up to N=3000 so i think it will have to be a cluster of computer working in parallel. 
Besides, i would like to know the work the CPU will be loaded with, i mean to know if the following sequence is correct and if all of this affects the CPU:
Incomming Call -> H.323 to AIX conversion -> CODEC Conversion -> Tone recognition -> Specific IVR task -> all the way back

I would appreciate any guideline to estimate this proportion or any source of information you can give me. 
Thanks ! 
Rodrigo Castro. 

PD: and sorry for the "reply mistake" in the previous thread.

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