[Asterisk-Dev] IAX behind NAT?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Mon Mar 24 18:20:45 MST 2003

I am running two instances of NAT, both behind firewalls.

In one case, the private IP for the asterisk box is translated, 1-to-1, 
to a public IP.

In the other case, the asterisk box shares and IP with other users.

Here's the rub: the "shared NAT" box seems to be able to send traffic to 
the "1-to-1 NAT" box just fine, and voice goes nicely both ways.  In 
this case there is an entry in iax.conf that contains the visible IP of 
the 1-to-1 box.

But the other way doesn't go so smoothly.  I hope I can say this 
intelligbly: if I try to have the 1-to-1 box answer an incoming PSTN 
call and then use IAX to pass it off to the "shared NAT" box, I see the 
IAX connection request going out, but at the other end it nothing is 
ever logged.

Is this to be expected?  If not, could someone point me towards a method 
of debugging the problem?

I'm sure it must be due to the many machines (I'm at a conference, and 
want to show off asterisk) who are all sharing the same IP.

I know they have a Linksys box at the head end of the network here. .



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