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Andre Bierwirth asterisk at kmb.de
Mon Mar 24 14:02:49 MST 2003

I am currently work on it. If i am ready Asterisk have functions to get device or extension state.

int ast_extension_state(struct ast_channel *c, char *context, char *exten)
-1 = error or no hint(device hint) for extension
 0 = extension is free or unknown
 1 = one device in extension is busy (have a call)
 2 = all devices in extension unavailable(unregistered)

** You can give ast_device_state a Dialstring like SIP/mark or IAX/mark **

int ast_device_state(char *device)
-1 = error
 0 = device is free or unknown
 1 = device is busy (have a call)
 2 = device is valid but unregistered

So SIP can support SUBSCRIBE requests, and for Snom200 SUBSCIBE Dialogs (Map a Key to an extension and see if the extension have a call (the LED turned on))

Its easy to implement the device state support for IAX, i have talk with mark about it. I implement only the PBX and Channel and SIP functions.

With IAX you can poll the dialplan and get the extension states if its implemented.

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  Hey guys, 

  I was just wondering if there is a way to query the asterisk server (from a client) so it can return a list of logged in clients?

  Steve K

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