[Asterisk-Dev] mpg123 eats resources ....

Levent Guendogdu l.guendogdu at feature-it.com
Tue Mar 18 10:39:26 MST 2003

> >> I don't know if anyone else has seen this but it's happened to me twice
> >> now.  After a while, mpg123 starts to chew up system resources - in my
> >> case  it caused a CPU load of 86% somewhat impacting performance ;-)  Is
> >> there  any way this could be caused by asterisk or is mpg123 simply
> >> broken?
> >
> > Do you know what file it was on at the time. You might want to make sure
> > there arn't any variable bit rate files, and that mpg123 will play each
> > of the files fine on a system with a soundcard.
> > --
> It wasn't playing anything at the time - idle mpg123 processes just seem to 
> develop a problem after a while.  I've installed a fresh copy (from source) 
> to see how it goes.

I can verify that. I had to kill (-9) many mpg123 process manually.
mpg123 plays fine with a soundcard and MOH works too, but, as Steven
said, this happens after some time. I verified this on my first RH 80
based installation and my debian production system.


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