[Asterisk-Dev] Some quiestions

James Sizemore james at deny.org
Tue Mar 18 00:53:31 MST 2003

Todays CVS, fixed everything except the dtmf problem.
I'll explain the dtmf problem in more detail.  I do not
register phones with Asterisk, So this problem may only
effect a few folks like me.

As I have no phone profiles in sip.conf for phones,
I can not use "dtmfmode=rfc2833" in each profile
which fixed a simpler problem for others. If I use
"dtmfmode=rfc2833" in the  [general] I can enter
digits in the voice mail app, but then can not use
#transfer.  If I use "dtmfmode=inband" I can use
 #transfer but then the voice mail app will not
acknowledge digits typed in via my  Cisco 7960

LOL, so I keep going back to last weeks code because
I can both use the voice mail, and #transfer. 

No big deal till some feature gets added in CVS that I
just got to have!!!  <smile>

I'm trying to make the time to get to know the code
so I can fix thing like this myself.  To have spare time!

Ross Finlayson wrote:

>> This got broke late last week
>> sometime. I have not check todays CVS.
> FYI, for those of you had SIP break last week after downloading the 
> latest CVS version, please download the newest CVS now, and try again.
> Unfortunately my changes (to support dynamic RTP payload types) 
> inadvertently broke outgoing SIP calls, but Mark Spencer and I seem to 
> have fixed the problems since then.
>         Ross.
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