[Asterisk-Dev] Several patches, including recording and music-on-hold

Michael Manousos manousos at inaccessnetworks.com
Wed Mar 12 05:57:18 MST 2003

Great work,
Just tried the music on hold. Works fine without a zaptel driver.


Fettahlioglu, Mahmut wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I was working on implementing several changes to asterisk. I had described
> the changes and their reasons in several emails before I started the job. I
> have completed the modifications some weeks ago; the system was then tested
> extensively and is now in use in a production environment. It seems fairly
> stable so far.
> I believe at least some of the additions can be of general use and would
> like to submit a patch. The modifications done are:
> - Call recording. Any channel can be recorded through calling applications
> on the dial plan, or sending messages through the manager interface. A
> monitoring resource is created for this
> functionality. I used Kostya V. Ivanov's call recording patch to get the
> idea how. Thanks for this Kostya!
> - An alaw pcm format file driver. I had to record conversations in alaw
> format. This is based on the ulaw format driver. However, I had to make file
> writing real-time for call recording to function correctly when channels use
> silence suppression. To do this, basically the file driver keeps the time
> recording started, and when new data is to be written to the file, it is
> written to the correct file position. I have seen that a seek function was
> added to file drivers after I have done those changes, and I think we might
> want to change the way file seeking is done currently. However, initially
> adding the file as is will be the easiest.
> - Additional information is sent through the manager interface for queue
> events.
> - Some bug fixes in chan_agent channel driver (mostly to do with race
> conditions).
> - Modification to chan_sip so the default callerid used when sending INVITEs
> is not hardcoded to "asterisk", but is read from the config file. It
> defaults to "asterisk".
> - Modifications to manager to make the tcp connection TCP_NODELAY. I have
> found we sometimes have delays in tcp message transmit due to the Naple
> algorithm used in TCP. For this fix to work, both the client (astman,
> gastman) and the server (asterisk) needs to be in TCP_NODELAY mode.
> - Asterisk exits if it cannot create a thread. I have observed that once
> thread creation starts to fail, Asterisk never recovers. So the changes
> cause asterisk to stop once it detects that. The starter script can then
> restart asterisk. This behaviour can be disabled by sending -DEXPERIMENTAL
> to the compiler in the makefile.
> - Changed how music on hold resource works so that it does not need a zaptel
> driver for timing any more. Sound quality is good and not choppy without any
> zaptel driver.
> I believe this should be about all. The patchfile is attached. Any comments
> are welcome.
> Regards,
> Mahmut
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